St. Monica Academy is a growing Catholic school community located on the Northwest side of Chicago.  As the first environmental school in the Archdiocese of Chicago, we have many opportunities and programs for our students and families.  We encourage you to explore our website or call for a tour to find out more about our wonderful school.

Our curriculum is both traditional and progressive and integrates environmental studies throughout each subject and grade level.  Students attending our school learn to respect the traditions of their faith and to think independently through a system that is rewarding to the spirit of each child.  Through our many programs, we work to meet the needs of all our students.

We strive to offer the best opportunities to our students.  With tremendous parental support and a skilled teaching staff, we are confident in our ability to educate our students in the fullest sense.  Through academic challenges and extra-curricular programs, St. Monica Academy provides for student-growth in all areas of their lives.  Our mission helps our students acquire a desire to learn and a respect the world they live in.  Through our academic programs, environmental curriculum (SEEDS), and faith development, we can develop each child’s natural capacity to explore and imagine. 

St. Monica Academy is a unique place in that it provides an education that rewards not only academic excellence but also the human elements of the spirit, the mind, and the heart.  Our goal is to create learning conditions that enable these elements that are so fundamental to success.  Our ability to continue to work together and collaborate in a school and faith community is an important factor for our success.  We prepare our students for the new and exciting opportunities that the future holds.



Ray Coleman, Principal