Best kept secret?


It’s mid-summer and it’s time for what might become your favorite all- time game: St. Monica Trivia!!   What is St. Monica Trivia?  I present ten trivia questions for you to ponder during these lazy days of summer about the parish, the neighborhood, and the people who live here.  Are there any prizes?  Yes, bragging rights and the new knowledge gained about your parish family.  These questions are presented only for your enjoyment, please no cheating or wagering.   So, as Sister would say in school: “get out those number 2 pencils, sit up straight, and keep your eyes on your own work.”   You have two weeks to finish.   You may begin!!


1) What is Fr. Fred Tomzik’s middle name?

a. Walter

b. Wenceslaus

c. William

d. Michael

e. Wolfgang


2) What is the name of the small square cover that is placed on top of the chalice called?

a. Sanctus

b. Humeral Veil

c. Pall

d. Purificator

e. Luna


3) What is the name of the “rope belts” worn by priests and altar servers called?

a. Ropa

b. Cincture

c. Ad beltum

d. Stole

e. Corporal


4) Where is the “Sanctuary Lamp” kept?

a. The safe

b. The back closet

c. In the Luna

d. Next to the Tabernacle

e. Next to the Baptismal font


5) Before it was called “Baker’s Square,” what was the name of the original restaurant to occupy the building on the corner of Foster and Harlem?

a. Pop’n  Fresh

b. Denny’s

c. Taco King

d. Jo Jo’s



6) What is the name of the first pastor of St. Monica parish?

a.     Fr. Beyenka

b.     Fr. McCabe

c.     Fr. Klein

d.     Fr. Wulsch

e.     Fr. Schmidt


7) What locally famous person played basketball in the St. Monica Gym in the early 1970’s?

a.     Michael Jordon

b. Richard M. Daley

c. Harry Caray

d. Ernie Banks

e. Fr. Fred Tomzik


8) How many “churches” have been built on the present site of St. Monica?

a    One

b. Two

c. Three

d.   Four

e. Five


9) What store originally occupied the space that is currently Jewel-Osco in the Harlem/Foster shopping center?

a. Burlington Coat Factory

b. Sears

c. Wards

d. Jewel-Turnstyle

e. K-Mart


10) What are the names of the three oils used in our Sacraments?


 Extra Credit:  At what Mass are these oils blessed and by whom?  (2 points)


Answer Key